Chooky Inu

Chooky Music Label

Propelling Artists to Stardom and Redefining Royalty Distribution
This section highlights the successful premiere of the Chooky music label, exemplified by the tremendous impact of Elesia Iimura and OT's "Chooky" song.
With remarkable achievements including over 200k streams on Spotify, extensive organic videos on Instagram and TikTok, and endorsements from prominent Hip Hop outlets worldwide, Chooky has proven its ability to elevate independent artists to global recognition.
Furthermore, Chooky's unique approach to funding the song incubation process and its artist-friendly royalty and revenue sharing model set it apart from traditional music labels.
The Chooky music label's premiere with the "Chooky" song showcases its ability to amplify the careers of independent artists and make a significant impact in the music industry.
With an impressive streaming record, viral social media presence, and endorsements from prominent Hip Hop outlets, Chooky has positioned itself as a platform that propels artists to stardom.
Moreover, its innovative approach to funding the incubation process and artist-friendly royalty distribution exemplify Chooky's commitment to revolutionizing the music label landscape.