🐢Chooky Introduction

Chooky Introduction Revolutionizing the Entertainment Landscape through Blockchain Technology

Chooky is a blockchain record label which has adapted the current standard business model of the music industry. An industry which generates billions of dollars annually for artists, labels, event organizers, product manufacturers, advertisers and more.

The sad reality of it all being the most in demand commodity in the industry; artists and fans are the ones who benefit the least. Fans who adore these artists would be shocked to know that most of these celebrities they admire in music only get a small % of the royalties and image rights they are entitled to for earnings from their music. Most artists nowadays are trapped in 360 deals with the current big record labels and extorted in back payments for production costs, marketing expenses and royalties themselves. Chooky allows for artists to not be confined in 360 deals with one off contracts, higher % entitlement to royalties, a high % split from the royalty sharing NFTs, event management, promotion, access to high caliber marketing resources and introductions to some of the most high profile artists in the industry. For example the first high profile feature for the Chooky Record Label is Busta Rhymes and an appearance they had earlier this year on Twitter Spaces with Davido, one of the most sought after Afrobeat artists in the world who has over 14.4m Twitter followers among many other household names for song releases and collaborations being set in motion for 2024.

The rise of both Elesia Iimura and O.T. is proof in itself that the business model is effective and the marketing resources are helping artists to exponentially push in their careers. The two talented artists for example, seven months ago when Chooky first started working with them, had less than 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and less than 7,000 followers across social media. Fast forward to today they have had two song releases with Chooky. The first amassing 470k streams on Spotify, the music video was broadcasted on MTV, World star Hip hop, hype magazine, Breakfast club, iHeart Radio and more. The second song release being Chooky Ft. Busta Rhymes has already surpassed those achievements in just 5 weeks. With over. 1.1m streams on Spotify, featured as a best selling hip hop single on iTunes for the UK and US, official Spotify charts for Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, New York and many states across the U.S. The song also featured on official Spotify charts for the UK top 50 for over a week. This results in 280k monthly Spotify listeners and over 60k followers on social media for both artists today. It’s important to mention that the cover art work for this song release which people see trending globally is the artwork for the NFT collectibles, which will be the case for all royalty sharing songs and collectible Chooky releases.

These NFT collectibles enable fans of music to share in their favorite artists' success like never before. These collectibles, through the IP and ownership of the NFT for each one entitle the owners to a % copyright + royalties of the music the NFT collectible and artist is associated with. This can be done with single, EP, album releases and also allows the owners of the collectibles to share in not only the proceeds from streaming royalties but also any revenue the song generates as a whole. From streams, downloads, merchandise, event ticket sales, advertising deals and more.

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